See Kim Kardashian's Daring Instagram Snap

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Kim Kardashian is not shy about posting steamy photos of herself on social media, and this daring photo she shared to Instagram proves it.

In the new photo, a topless Kardashian can be seen laying in a bed of white linen, wearing nothing but a pair of white thong bottoms.

Many of her fans came out to comment on the photo, and a large portion of them seemed to take issue with the married mother-of-three shared a photo they feel is too provocative.

"Have some respect, you have kids," one person wrote, while someone else said, " should be over sharing pics like this by now?? Are you that insecure?"

"Is nothing sacred anymore? No doubt about how amazing you look but some things really should just be private," another person commented.


While there were some less-than-stellar opinions on Kardashian's photo, many of her fans came out to defend and support her.

The positive comments are summed up best by the fan who wrote, "All these people in here mad for what? yall are sad. She has plenty of pictures like this already. Take all your negative energy somewhere else. Shout out to the Kardashian-West clan. Happy New Year's. Keep winning."