Khloe Kardashian 'Not Putting Pressure' on Herself to Lose Remaining Baby Weight

Khloé Kardashian welcomed daughter True in April, and the new mom has since returned to the gym and her famously fit lifestyle.

Still, she isn't pressuring herself to lose weight, with the reality star detailing her journey in a new post on her website and app.

Kardashian shared that her goal was to lose 50 pounds and that she already lost 33 pounds three months after giving birth to True.

"I was so shocked when I lost 33 pounds of baby weight in the first three months. I really thought it would be more of a challenge since I've struggled with my weight my entire life," the reality star revealed. "I'm the queen of yo-yoing."

She continued, "True's almost 5 months old now and I'm really close to my goal, but I'm plateauing. Now it's sooooo hard!!!"

The 34-year-old added that while things may seem frustrating at times, she is using her past experience with weight loss to motivate herself.

"I get really discouraged, but at the same time I try to remind myself how long it took the first time to lose all of my weight," she explained.

Kardshian also detailed her fitness goals with her followers, explaining that she wants to get down to a certain weight before working on sculpting her muscles.

"I have about 17 pounds of weight left to lose, and then I want to tighten my muscles back up," she shared.

Still, she admitted that it's not always easy.

"I'm still eating healthy (when I can) and working out, but some days are harder than others," Kardashian wrote. "But, for now, I'm just not putting pressure on myself and enjoying being a mommy. I know I'll hit my fitness goal — and it will feel sooooo good!"

Kardashian previously detailed her post-pregnancy weight loss in a post in July, sharing that she thinks she lost her first 33 lbs. thanks to a "combination of breastfeeding and being very active."

"After I had True, I didn't put any pressure on myself to lose the baby weight. I just wanted to get back to my regular routine from before I got pregnant, which was working out five to six times a week," the Good American designer wrote at the time.


"Staying healthy and active is something that's very important to me. Exercise is something I've always used to maintain my sanity and relieve stress," she added. "And, now that I have a baby, I still want to keep something that's my time, my space, something I'm doing for myself."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @khloekardashian