Kendra Wilkinson Changes Her Hair to Reflect Her 'Inner Growth'

Kendra Wilkinson is taking up a nice new hairstyle to celebrate a personal victory earlier this week. The former Playboy model and reality star shared the new look on Instagram post that brings a lot of introspection with it.

"After a few years of allowing my hair to grow naturally with length and color," Wilkinson wrote. "I finally felt like it was the right time to change to something that highlights me properly."

"This change comes with personal, professional change and inner growth," Wilkinson continued. "New found strength and a clearer vision of a healthy n happier life. I feel like I've shed dead weight and grew into a woman I'm happy [with] in life as a mom and my job as a professional real estate agent."

Wilkinson wrapped up the post with a little positivity. "Hey, sometimes change is a good thing even if it's small," Wilkinson closed her caption with. "Let's keep pushing forward!!"

The Kendra Sells Hollywood star is back on screens in the Discovery+ series and also enjoying success with her real estate business. It wasn't an easy road, but Wilkinson shared some positive updates back in November 2022.

"Went from 0 to 4 real estate sales real quick and I'm proud to have a few trusted partners to make sure transactions go smoothly. It's also so amazing that I had a few clients put faith in me to help them with their sale and purchase of a property. Feels amazing!!" Wilkinson wrote at the time. "I want to remind you all that it took me years of healing to get up and put one foot in front of the other to choose to enter the real estate business and even smile again. My plans were to find ways to feed the babies as single mom n do what I love since I thought Hollywood was done for me. Then, soon after I got my real estate license that I worked hard for HGTV and Discovery+ plus had interest in doing a show and I was so grateful for that yayyy...just wrapped season 2"

Wilkinson's series premiered in April 2022, with season two coming soon to the streaming platform. Season one can currently be streamed for subscribers.