Kelly Clarkson Says She Got 'So High' at the Dentist She Forgot an Entire Night, Couldn't Recognize Her Own Songs

Kelly Clarkson's dentist trip ended up being a lot more wild than she expected! Swapping stories with Kaley Cuoco in a new clip from The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Grammy-winner revealed she has a whole night she doesn't remember around 2017 that doesn't involve alcohol at all, having been sedated earlier in the day to undergo dental work.

"I was at CVS filling some prescription because I'd had dental work done the day before," The Voice coach began. "And I look in my bag and I have all these jewelry boxes and I'm like, 'What the hell?' Like I have literally five to six big boxes of jewelry in my bag. And I'm like, 'Did I like rob someone's house?'" Clarkson called her assistant, confused, and learned that the two had gone shopping together and grabbed dinner after her rehearsal with the band, which she revealed was in her Meaning of Life album era.

"I had a full night completely with eyes open walking around that I don't remember," Clarkson told Cuoco, adding that she later learned from her band members that she sat at that rehearsal wearing sunglasses, saying into the microphone, "That ain't my song," when they began to play. "I was so high from the dentist," the American Idol winner added to Cuoco, asking, "What did the dentist give me?" The Flight Attendant star quipped in response, "Wow! And where can we get it?"

More moments like this with Clarkson are on the way, with NBC renewing The Kelly Clarkson Show last week for two more seasons. "One ray of sunshine in this wildly unpredictable year is that we get to continue to deliver to stations and fans, a show that brings people together," NBCUniversal Syndication Studios Executive Vice President, Tracie Wilson, said in a statement at the time. "This wouldn't be possible without the heart and humor of the talented and dedicated Kelly Clarkson and our production team, led by the incomparable Alex Duda, both of whom are masters of storytelling. It's easy to see why Emmy voters, critics and viewers have become such loyal fans of the show."


Clarkson debuted her talk show in 2019, winning a Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding entertainment talk show host in June 2020. "OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What is happening?!!!! This is amazing!!! Thank y'all so much!!!" Clarkson tweeted of the news. "And a MAJOR thank you to my entire crew that really is the reason I won!!! I can't wait to celebrate with our whole crew when humans can congregate again!! This calls for a PARTY!!!!"