Kailyn Lowry Says Her Ex Used Her to Get Famous

In a recent appearance on the Mouthing Off podcast, Kailyn Lowry revealed that there may have been more than meets the eye when it came to her marriage and split from ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

While the two divorced back in 2015 after nearly four years of marriage, the reasoning for their split has been pretty tight-lipped up until now, but during a recent podcast appearance, Lowry revealed that she thinks Marroquin may have been using her for fame.

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"Apparently he knew who I was and acted like he had no idea," Kailyn said. "Javi had me fooled. He actually knew who I was and pretended he didn't know."

The two met in a mall and hit it off right away, and to Lowry's relief, Marroquin had said that he didn't know who she was and that he had never watched Teen Mom. According to Teen Mom Talk Now, eventually, after spending eight months in a relationship, Javi came clean and told Lowry that he did know who she was.

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"It was hard to swallow," Lowry said. "I thought the whole thing was [a lie]. I still kind of have those feelings, that plays out on Marriage Boot Camp too."


When podcast host Olivia Caridi asked what Lowry thought Javi's intentions were and if she believed her fame played a role in their relationship, Lowry didn't hold back, agreeing that Javi likely used her to get on the show and achieve a semblance of fame for himself. "Oh absolutely. 100 percent. But I don't think that he could have ever predicted that he would have fallen in love with me like the way that we were together,"

As for her own feelings towards Javi, Kailyn confessed that she loved him "at one point," but that that love faded and by the time she became pregnant with Lincoln it was all but gone.