Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin Forced to Confess Cheating on 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were entangled in a tense stand-off between themselves, the doctors and the lie detectors on this week's Marriage Boot Camp.

The Teen Mom 2 stars both felt that any new revelations about infidelities between them would be counter-productive to their real goal, which is being effective co-parents for their son, Lincoln. When the time came to ask questions with the lie detector, both of them had prepared questions for each other that had nothing to do with their sexual history.

However, the doctors on Marriage Boot Camp intervened, deciding that the couple had avoided this issue long enough. They played a montage of Marroquin using Lowry's past infidelities against her in conversation and to win arguments. They made Lowry take the lie detector to answer the question of whether or not she'd slept with multiple people while Marroquin was deployed.

The answer was yes. Of course, that came as no surprise to Marroquin. Meanwhile, he himself tried his best to refuse to answer questions about his infidelity. He tried to get out of taking the lie detector test, but the show's doctors finally wore him down.

When asked if he'd cheated on Lowry during their marriage, he said no. The lie detector showed a discrepancy, meaning Marroquin likely lied, and he did indeed sleep with other people while married to Lowry.


The revelation was so painful for Lowry that she resolved to leave the show. She said that she wanted to go home and process this new information privately.

Ultimately, the doctors were able to convince Lowry to stay, but this is a tectonic shift between this parenting team. The two of them will need to move forward quickly in order to establish trust and raise Lincoln.