Judge Judy Scheindlin Returns to Courtroom in Trailer for New Show 'Judy Justice'

Judge Judy Scheindlin is back in the courtroom for the first look trailer at her upcoming courtroom series, IMDb TV's Judy Justice. Premiering Nov. 1 and airing new episodes each weekday, Scheindlin's new show will have a similar premise as her iconic 25-year show Judge Judy, which she announced was ending in March.

Judy Justice will similarly adjudicate real-life cases filed from all over the country, and co-stars bailiff Kevin Rasco, a retired Los Angeles probation officer and entrepreneur, court stenographer Whitney Kumar, a board-certified court reporter in the state of California, and Sarah Rose, a law clerk and Judge Sheindlin's granddaughter. Lauren Anderson, IMDb TV's co-head of content and programming, told The Wrap that Scheindlin is "absolutely going to be in the center" of the show. "What we really are looking to do is a number of things. We think that there's an opportunity to lean into what is at this point, really sort of pop culture iconic status that she has," Anderson said.

Sheindlin reflected on her next career step to The Hollywood Reporter in May. "Look, I do what I do," she explained. "So within the confines of me doing what I do, we'll be changing some of the things around me. But I'm not becoming a ballet dancer."

She continued that she wasn't "a chameleon" and has had to ride out cultural shifts throughout her long career. "My message has been the same for half a century: 'Pick up your trash. Don't expect me to pick up after you,'" Sheindlin explained. "This country goes to the left and to the right but eventually comes back to the center. You just have to hope that you can withstand those swings, that you can get back to a reasonable place where everybody has the opportunity to realize the American dream like me."

When it came to the end of Judge Judy, she admitted she "wasn't teary" and didn't feel "all that emotional," adding, "I felt gratified that I had completed that part of my journey and done it respectably. It was just the end of the day, the end of the job. I cleaned the bathroom, and the bathroom is sparkling."