Jon Gosselin Claims Son Collin Has PTSD Following 3 Years in 'Special Needs' Facility

After three years "caged" in a special needs facility away from his family, Jon Gosselin claims his 15-year-old son, Collin is dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to an explosive new interview with The Daily Mail. Finally able to speak about ex-wife Kate Gosselin after a 10-year gag order tied to their divorce was lifted, Gosselin accused the TLC star of being abusive to their eight children, shunning Collin to a residential facility for no reason, cutting him off from his family for years.

"Kate sent [Collin] away" because "she couldn't deal with him," Gosselin told the outlet. "Other than ADHD, which is extremely common, Collin has never been diagnosed with any known medical condition, there's nothing wrong with him."

Gosselin revealed that after authorities showed up at his home in 2016 to tell him Kate had placed Collin in a "special needs place," he begged to be allowed to know his location, but was only told authorities were investigating claims Collin made to mandated reporters that he was being abused by his mother.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star also accused his ex of only visiting Collin three times in the three years he was "caged," all while refusing to let him know where his son was. It was only when the teen's roommate at Fairmount Behavioral Health institute in Philadelphia smuggled out a letter his son wrote to him that Gosselin was able to rescue him and file for sole custody. After Kate failed to show for a court proceeding regarding custody of her son, Collin moved in with his father, where he lives with sister Hannah.

"Kate is not doing the shows for her family, Kate is doing it for herself. She's narcissistic and selfish. That's it. Period. All of this is for her - Kate Plus Eight, Kate Plus Date, it's her name first," Gosselin alleged, saying the only reason his other six children are still estranged from him is due to their mother's alleged mental abuse. "I think Kate has really poisoned my children's minds against me. She's put stuff in their minds about my personality. I never cheated on my wife, I'm not a monster, I love my children more than anything."

"She always speaks for the children," he added of his suspected longterm effects of her mothering. "They say this, they want to do this - unicorns, rainbows and look, flying pigs. It's all lies. They all have voices. I know my children have suffered abuse and I know one day they're going to tell their own story. And sadly enough, I know what PTSD is. It's really upsetting."

Kate has yet to publicly address her ex-husband's claims against her.


Photo credit: Tom Briglia/FilmMagic