Jill Duggar's 'Modern' Outfits Spark Vibrant Conversation Among Fans

Jill (Duggar) Dillard visited her father-in-law's grave over the weekend to mark Father's Day, and [...]

Jill (Duggar) Dillard visited her father-in-law's grave over the weekend to mark Father's Day, and was bombarded with questions about the clothes she wore on the solemn occasion.

On June 16, the Counting On personality shared a gallery of photos with husband Derick Dillard and his family from the grave site of Richard Dillard. The first photo showed Jill wearing a white shirt and long green pants.
Her fashion choices got plenty of attention, so Jill took the opportunity to help her sister-in-law's friend, who created the green pants.

"I've had several inquiries about this first outfit after I posted a pic in a recent post, so I wanted to share a bit more," Jill wrote. She tagged her sister-in-law's friend's store, Juniper Anne Boutique, and offered fans a discount code. Ten percent of the profits are donated to a shelter for abused women.

"Oh, and I'm 5'7" and wearing heels in the first pics. And in the second pic I'm wearing a white tank under the striped shirt," Jill wrote at the bottom.

The photos of Jill modeling the clothes got mixed responses from fans.

"Beautiful!! Looks great on you!! I wish people would hush about you girls living your own lives once you got married," one fan wrote. "I grew up a PK *preachers kid* Once I was on my own, I did what I felt was right for me. My parents raised me right, that was their job. Now I live my life to my own convictions. Proud of you!!"

"Glad to see you embracing pants now. Nothing wrong with wearing pants and also you are rocking them," another wrote, referring to a Duggar family rule against women wearing pants.

"Wow! I actually like this! You can be modest and still trendy/cute.... love it," another added.

Other fans had some surprisingly negative remarks. One person was not happy to see Jill smiling less than two weeks after the death of her grandmother, Mary Duggar.

"I never seen a family smile so much when a loved one has died. All of you have posted one photo after another smiling and this is really disgraceful," the person wrote.

"Iron your pants you are modeling them for [money]," another added.

"Iron and sunglasses would complete the look," another suggested.

Jill has frequently broken Duggar rules on clothing. In early 2018, it became more and more clear that she did not care about following the "no pants" rule, as she continued to share photos and videos of herself wearing jeans and other pant styles. She also attracted attention for getting a nose ring.

Jill, 28, and Dillard are parents to Samuel, 1, and Israel, 4.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jill (Duggar) Dillard