Jill Duggar Blasted by 'Counting On' Fans as Sons 'Play With Fire'

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is battling mom-shamers yet again after she allowed her sons to huddle around a campfire in their backyard. The backlash started after the Counting On alum shared a gallery of images and videos on Sunday, showing 4-year-old Israel and 2-year-old Samuel roasting food over a small fire contained in an old coffee can.

"The boys had so much fun yesterday with this little fire," Dillard wrote. "I saved this big can for them awhile back when I remembered how fun it was growing up that my cousins had their own coffee cans and would do this in their backyard. We finally got around to making a little fire in it and it was a success."

"Sam warmed up a leftover baked potato and Israel warmed up a piece of chicken and made toast with a slice of bread. Lol," she explained.

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Although the fire was small and Dillard was obviously supervising, some fans still took issue with the activity, some claiming that it was "dangerous."

"Looks dangerous," wrote one person.

"[You are] literally encouraging your kids to play with fire," a second person slammed the outdoor activity on Twitter.

"So your son has to wear a stupid plastic bib to eat but makeshift,dryer lint firepit,no biggie?" asked another.

Dillard's fans were quick to come to her defense, brushing aside the other commenters' concerns.

"Perfect way to teach that fire IS dangerous and needs to be treated with respect and caution," one person pointed out. "Water is dangerous too, but teach kids to have a healthy respect for it can save their lives! Life lessons taught early stay with you a lifetime! Way to go Jill!!"

Another person pointed out that "they're supervised by their parents," so it is "not dangerous in this event."


"Awesome idea," praised somebody else. "Children must learn to assess danger and to be careful in potentially dangerous situation. This looks like good old outdoor fun. Good job mom!"

Duggar did not respond to any of the comments, though she is not unfamiliar with the backlash. Over the years, she has faced off against mom-shamers numerous times over everything from the way in which she has had her sons in car seats to allowing them to eat gum that was pulled out of her hair.