Jessa Duggar Reveals Diet Change Video, But Fans Are Focused on What Her Son Henry Is Doing

Counting On star Jessa (Duggar) Seewald may be doing a complete overhaul of her children's diets, but it is her youngest son Henry Wilberforce Seewald that is getting all of the attention. After the TLC reality TV star took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that she was switching some things up in the kitchen, fans couldn't help but hone in on her little helper, who seemed to be a little chef in the making!

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In the video, little Henry can be seen cracking an egg with ease, managing to get all of the yolk into the bowl without getting any shells in there. The impressive feat for the youngster was all the rave for those who took to the comments section.

"IMPRESSIVE EGG CRACKING SKILLS Right There!!" one fan praised the toddler.

"Henry did such a great job with those eggs!" a second wrote. "I know adults that cannot properly crack an egg."

"I'm so impressed by the gentle way he cracks the eggs Jessa!!" added another.

"Swell those are some perfectly cracked eggs !!" commented a fourth. "Great job !"

Henry's impressive egg cracking skills are coming in good use, as Seewald revealed in her post that she and her husband are attempting to retrain the appetites of her children, who she describes as "picky eaters." Along with seeking advice from her followers and doing more research, the Counting On star said that she is allowing her children to have a more hands-on approach to meal preparation.

"Picky eaters? Things were getting a bit rough, so we've been making some reforms in the Seewald household," Seewald captioned the video, in which she can be heard jokingly telling Henry and her oldest son, Spurgeon, "You boys will be making breakfast for the whole family."

"We've had lots of helpful tips and advice shared with us for retraining appetites and getting kiddos to branch out and try new foods," Seewald wrote. "I know we can't be the only ones struggling with this, so I just made a little video describing some things we've been learning and implementing."

The post and Seewald's efforts were praised by her followers, including her sister-in-law Anna Duggar, the mom-of-six writing, "Way to go Jessa! Love the way you made their dinner a smiley face."


Meanwhile, Jill (Duggar) Dillard suggested that Seewald "keep introducing foods and even if they used to not like it, they may surprise you and love it later!"