Jennie Garth Says 'BH90210' Is 'Not Dead', Teases Season 2 Direction

Jennie Garth is hopeful that BH90210 will carry on in some form or another after the show's cancellation last week. Fox announced that it would not order a second season of the reality show reboot on Thursday, and fans were devastated. In a new interview with Us Weekly, however, Garth said that all hope is not lost.

"I was very, very proud of the work we did in the first season. That was our baby," Garth said of the unique take on reality TV. BH90210 starred cast members from the original Beverly Hills, 90210 playing fictionalized versions of themselves trying to get a reboot of their drama up and running. Garth feels that this premise works in their favor, and gives the show a better chance of surviving cancellation.

"The show is very meta, so it's good. The confusion is fine," the 47-year-old said. "Everybody's like, 'What is happening!?' We don't even know. Nobody knows, but we are working it out."

Garth spoke to reporters at Austin Elevates, a launch event for a new "art and music experience" by philanthropist Thomas J. Henry in Austin, Texas. She was hopeful that someone in the chain of command at Fox or another outlet would see the value of BH90210 and pick it up.

"It was a very unique, creative vision and it was very specific, and it was hard to convey that to everyone, to get them on board to do it, from every aspect — the studio, the network, the cast, the producers, everyone," she said. "So [the fact] that we were able to pull off that feat and bring that show to people and have people really kind of get it... maybe they didn't love it because they wanted the old reboot and that's fine. The show is, sort of, headed in a direction of giving everybody the best of both worlds."

After the cancellation was announced, Garth responded on Twitter almost right away. She seemed to imply that the move was actually a stunt to fuel the storyline of the show.

"Summers highest-rated show gets more meta by the minute [BH90210] practically writes itself," she tweeted. "Thank you for the 2nd season material! You never know what's really going on behind the scenes! Stay tuned..."

Meanwhile, Tori Spelling implied that the show was actively looking for a new network or streaming outlet after Fox canceled it.


"Sometimes home isn't where you ARE but who you are WITH," she wrote on Instagram. "Together, our [BH90210] family can do anything. We've proved that to each other and our loyal fans. We ARE better together. Our show is so meta that all the reality out there just helps us continue to evolve and gives us GREAT new storylines! The gift that keeps on giving. We aim to keep audiences guessing what will happen next. So stay tuned as our journey unfolds..."

The first season of BH90210 is streaming now on Hulu. The original series is available there too, and on CBS All Access.