Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Reveals If She'd Ever Join Boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello as Wrestler

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is no stranger to a scrap, but she doesn't plan to jump in the ring professionally any time soon. On Saturday, the mother-of-two and boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello made their red carpet debut at a Las Vegas night club after attending an All Elite Wrestling event where the Jersey Shore star revealed whether wrestling was in her future.

Asked by PEOPLE if she intends to step away from reality TV and give professional wrestling a shot. Farley didn't mince words with her response, revealing that it absolutely wasn't an option with a "Hell no." Carpinello, however, said he would "love" to see his girlfriend try it out. He's a professional wrestler, and he told PEOPLE he'd love to have her in the ring with him.

"I would love her too. I would love for her to be out there with me," he said. "You know it would be great."

"I love what you do because I can't," Farley chimed in. "I can do reality all day, but with all those people staring and you have to put on a presentation, hell no. I'd be in the corner crying, sucking my thumb. I can't do it."

Although she has no plans to wrestle, Farley is spending plenty of time getting in peak physical shape. She told PEOPLE her beau has helped make her more knowledgeable about fitness, which she's enjoyed.

"He's all about it in a sense of he knows the anatomy," Farley shared. "He knows every piece and how it's supposed to work properly, so when [we're] working out, he corrects and compliments me. When we work out and he does stuff, he's shocked that I do stuff, too."

"We going to spend a lot more time working out together soon," Carpinello added, according to PEOPLE.

The wrestling event was in support of KultureCity, an autism awareness and inclusion organization. It was the organization's first all-inclusive wrestling match. Farley, whose son Greyson has autism, said she looks forward to attending future events with her son. She opened up on Instagram about a previous match she attended with daughter Meilani, who didn't understand why her brother couldn't be there.

"I explained to her that because Greyson can get overwhelmed with the environment, it just doesn't seem like an event that could be possible for him...until last night," she said. "Last night was truly a dream come true. I cried watching my [KultureCity] family kick a-- at the [All Elite Wrestling] MGM event."

Farley and Carpinello, who have been dating since April, made their public debut as a couple at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas before the wrestling event. During the event, Farley sported a beige dress — a different look than she'd been rocking at the previous event. She told PEOPLE she changed because Carpinello got "covered in blood" during a match. Farley noted that blood was a major reason she didn't plan to jump into the ring, but Carpinello had an easy solution.


"Or, you can make people bleed, and that's more fun," he joked.