Jenelle Evans Talks Her Move to Nashville After 'Teen Mom 2' Exit (Exclusive)

Following her exit from Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans made a big move to Nashville, Tennessee, which she is now opening up about. In an exclusive with's own Anna Rumer, Evans admitted that while she and the kid are "trying to get settled down and everything," they absolutely love it all so far.

"They're doing good and they really love the area that we moved to and Kaiser, he loves his new school, so that's a big plus," Evans told, adding how there is a lot more going on in Music City. "I think here in Tennessee, you have more opportunities, and I think in North Carolina, where I live, it's a very laid back beach town, college town, so I think for what I'm looking for, there's more stuff to do here."

Elaborating on why she made the decision, Evans explained it dealt with a lot more with reclaiming her independence. "I've kind of been in limbo for a year since last April and I've been wanting to venture out and do my own things, and people are like, 'Why aren't you?'" she said. "And I'm stuck to this contract, and once I'm out of it, I can go and talk to other companies and stuff, but right now, people are iffy about what they want to do."

"It's not just other companies, it's also, I'm not gonna lie, MTV, they're iffy about if they really wanna let me go or not, so I'm just sitting here, doing my own thing, trying to keep YouTube updated, 'cause my fans, they wanna know — they're digging into my life, and they wanna know what's up!" she added.

Evans went on to reveal that she is playing a waiting game when it comes to her association with MTV. "I think I'm just gonna wait until April, my plan is to wait until April and then venture out and talk to other production companies and stuff," she said. "But right now, I dont know where MTV's head is at. I mean, things can change in a minute, I have no idea."

Evans added that they talk "here and there," but not much. "Whenever I ask what's going on with me, they're just like, 'We don't know, we're just not gonna use you for this season right now,' and they're just kind of beating around the bush," she said.


In the meantime, Evans is working to focus on herself and "stepping away" from the Teen Mom brand to focus on herself as a person without the attachment to the franchise. "Whether it's on camera I do again or even off camera and just do production and be involved in another show and getting it together, that would be fun too," she said. "So I mean, we'll see what happens."

Photo credit: Getty Images