Jenelle Evans' Ex Wants a Relationship With His Son

Jenelle Evans' ex Andrew Lewis wants a relationship with his 8-year-old son Jace.

Lewis has been an absentee father since the Teen Mom 2 cast member gave birth to her oldest son in 2009, but on Teen Mom 2: The Ex Files, he spoke out about wanting to be back in his son's life now that he's at a good place in his own.

"I live in New York City, I am an event coordinator," he said. "I haven't seen Jenelle in over eight years. I am single and I love being single. There's no worries, there's no drama and there's no depression at all."

Lewis was there when Jace was born, but left soon after.

"I felt really mad for Jace's sake and for my sake that I was going to do this all by myself," Evans explained on the special. "I was scared."

But Lewis revealed that he initially didn't think the baby was his.

"She waited until the last minute to say Jace may not be your son," he said. "I was scared when they called for the paternity test."

Lewis said once his paternity was proven, as seen on Teen Mom 2, he began paying child support to Evan's mom Barbara, who has custody of the the boy.

Today, he added, he wants to reconnect with his son.

"I would love to have a relationship with Jace," Lewis said. "I dream about him every day. I think about him everyday. The reason I don't Google him or look him up is because it'll hurt me."

Evans, however, would rather him stay away. She married husband David Eason in September, and has two other children, Kaiser, 3, and Ensley, 11 months, apart from Lewis.


"I'd rather Andrew be completely out of Jace's life instead of being in and out," she said. "Maybe he should just stay out."

Photo credit: Instagram / @j_evans1219