Why Erin Napier Says Tonight's 'Home Town' Is 'Very Special'

Home Town Season 5 is back with another new episode tonight, and Erin Napier ensured fans that it [...]

Home Town Season 5 is back with another new episode tonight, and Erin Napier ensured fans that it will be "an extra special one." In fact, she ranked it as one of the "top 5 episodes ever." The reason for Napier's hype is that the person they'll be helping find their dream home is someone they know very well: Home Town's showrunner, Angela Tarrant.

"This is Angie. She's our executive producer who moved to Mississippi from NYC in 2015 to shoot a little pilot called Home Town after a long, stressful career in national news," Napier explained on Instagram. "That had to feel like moving to another planet for her, but she threw herself into meeting everyone in Laurel, and making a place for herself here without knowing a soul before she came."

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You would imagine that being Home Town's showrunner would demystify some of the magic that Erin, her husband Ben Napier and their crew do to Tarrant's home. However, Napier said they changed things up for this special episode — which can be streamed live tonight via FuboTV — saying it's the "first-ever episode that shows you how we do this, behind the curtain." The Napiers also kept "so much secret from her somehow," ensuring there would be an emotional payoff.

In a preview, we also got a feel for the episode itself. Tarrant opened up about her move to Laurel, and noted that she's looking to put down roots in the wake of her mother's death.

"I was a news producer in New York for a bout 15 years, and I was done with it. So I took a leap of faith and decided to make a mid-career life change, and I headed to Mississippi to do a pilot called Home Town. Five years later, I'm still here," Tarrant says. "My whole life, I have moved around. I've never really lived anywhere very long, and wherever my mom was, was home. That's where home was. And with her not with us anymore, I want to establish that. I want a home of my own."

Home Town airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV, which can be watched via cable providers and live streamers like FuboTV, which is currently offering a free trial. Viewers can also watch the new episodes on discovery+. It's also worth noting that Season 1 of Home Town is currently streaming on Hulu.

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