Gwen Stefani Fans Speak out About Her Outfit Last Night Amid 'The Voice' Exit

Many fans have been heartbroken by Gwen Stefani's exit from The Voice on Monday night, but they still took time to admire her outfit of the evening. Stefani and NBC announced this week that Stefani will leave her judge's chair behind at the end of Season 17, and Stefani weathered the news in a unique jumpsuit that baffled viewers.

Stefani was all apologetic smiles on Monday night as news spread that she is leaving The Voice. The singer has been a coach on the series on and off for years, and now she is stepping aside again. She is doing so in style, however, as fans agreed after Monday's show.

"Gwen I love that outfit you're wearing!" one person tweeted.

"Is your outfit heavy? It's beautiful but looks heavy!" added another.

Stefani's look for Monday was one of her most daring yet. it consisted of a patterned, bedazzled jumpsuit with gold chains rattling around her waist and hips. A chain lined the halter top of the outfit as well, and tattoo-like prints adorned the legs and ribs.

Admittedly not all fans cared for the outfit, and did not even want to humor Stefani for wearing it. Those who do not like her persona on the show vented their dislike by way of her unique clothing.

"Can Gwen get any more ridiculous," one fan wondered. "She needs to dress like an adult, this outfit would be fine for one of her concerts but for the show she just looks like an older woman trying to look like she's still in her 20's. Please just stop."

The Voice has always rotated coaches from season to season to some extent, so in some ways it shouldn't be a surprise that Stefani is leaving. Still, her relationship to Blake Shelton made it seem like she was a necessary part of the show.

According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, NBC is interested in leaving room for other big-name judges to join the show. In addition, Stefani has other opportunities to pursue, so this is not a huge loss for her. The singer will reportedly return to her Just a Girl residency in Las Vegas when this season is finished.

Stefani could always return to The Voice as well, in one capacity or another. She has already had an erratic tenure on the show, coaching in Seasons 7, 9, 12 and 17. She was on as a featured part-time advisor in Season 10 as well.


"I didn't expect to be doing [the Vegas show] and The Voice at the same time," she told ET. "I just feel like I'm alive in a way I've never been before, because I have to be! Because doing both is a lot."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.