'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk on the 'Pretty Gross' Moment Fans Won't See

Good Bones fans love nothing more than getting a peek at the silly side of Mina Starsiak Hawk and the rest of the Two Chicks and a Hammer family, but there's plenty more that ends up on the cutting room floor. The HGTV star opened up about a "pretty gross" incident that fans won't get to see this season in a new interview with The List, admitting there's so many memorable moments viewers never get to watch.

"Oh my gosh. Every season, so many things," she said when asked about that unseen footage. "We could make 100 more episodes with everything that gets cut from the show. But there's only so much time." One of those scenes includes a "poo-flinging fight" Starsiak Hawk joked she was "not proud" of.

"[There] was a poo-flinging fight that I'm guessing will not make the cut, because it was pretty gross," she admitted. As Starsiak Hawk recalled, someone left a bag of dog poop in the front yard of a home she and her team were renovating, which sparked a truly wild moment. "Cory and Tad were manhandling me out of the house to make me smell something or do something. I can't remember what they were trying to get me to do," she explained. "I had my legs splayed on a doorway so they couldn't push me through it. It got very intense." Breaking free from their grasp, the Indiana native said she caught the eye of the poop bag. "I picked it up and turned around and flung it at Cory, and it broke when it hit him. And then it just went downhill very quickly," she said.

Another unseen moment has less to do with dog poop and more to do with a special family moment. The Two Chicks and a Hammer team had finished a renovation but hadn't located a buyer for the house yet. "A gentleman came by the property ... and told us all these amazing stories about how he grew up in the house across the street," she said. "And his godfather lived in this house, so he pretty much grew up in this house and told us about how he watched the moon landing on the TV in that house." She continued that it turned out they "had the original bill of sale from the house and just all this really cool stuff."


It was a meaningful encounter for her whole team and highlighted just how special their mission is. "A lot of people come to us specifically and probably sell for a little bit less, because [they] know that we won't tear [the houses] down," Hawk revealed. "So there's definitely some meaning in it for the families that are selling them to us some of the time as well." Good Bones airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV and streams the same day on discovery+.