Fans of 'The Little Couple' Are Heartbroken Over This Week's Episode

Fans of The Little Couple were in tears as the family of little people dealt with the tough topic of bullying in Tuesday's episode.

The TLC show chronicles the lives of little people Bill Klein, Jen Arnold and their two adopted children Will, 7, and Zoey, 6, as they work to balance work and family in Houston, Texas.

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Klein and Arnold have largely been able to shelter their children from any kind of negative attention that comes with being a little person, but as Will and Zoey get older, the couple say they know they will start to recognize they're different from other children.

"Will and Zoey are at an age now, well Will more than Zoey, where they're staring to understand that they're different..." Arnold says.

On Tuesday's episode, Will comes to his parents with concerning news. "Daddy, somebody called me a baby in karate," he says. "I'm not a baby."

Jen looks close to tears as she reassures her son, and Will remembers his first time being bullied by other kids in kindergarten.

"I hate the idea that my kids will have to deal with bullying, probably for the rest of their lives," Klein says. "So I'm hoping that Jennifer and I do good a job showing what a gift life is regardless of how you look in the eyes of other people."

In honor of Dwarfism Awareness Month, Arnold takes the opportunity to explain dwarfism to her children a little more directly than in the past.

"You know how mommy and daddy are little grown ups?" she asks the kids. "You're going to be a little grown up too."

The kids don't seem to fully understand what mom is talking about, even with the help of a special storybook, but their parents are happy to just have an open dialogue as they get older.

"I'm thrilled to be who I am, and I hope my kids are thrilled to be who they are throughout their lives, because they should be proud," Klein says.

Fans on Twitter thought the whole exchange was heartbreaking and adorable.


The Little Couple airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.