Duggar Dress Code Strikes Fans as Unsafe in Throwback Photo

The Duggar dress code is notoriously strict, but some fans now think the stringent rules may have put the younger Duggar girls in danger after a throwback picture the family posted Tuesday.

The photo, posted by the official Duggar Facebook account, shows Joe Duggar and Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo playing in the snow as kids.

"Joe and Jinger enjoyed the snow!" the caption reads. "Hope we get some this year!"

But many fans immediately noticed the youngsters' apparel. While Joe is bundled in a full snowsuit and mittens, Jinger appears to only be wearing a coat, long skirt and tights.

Girls and women in the Duggar family are not allowed to wear pants or show any skin above the knee.

One fan thought applying the dress code to a little girl playing outside in the winter was ridiculous and dangerous.

"Something wrong with this pic," she commented. "He is dressed for winter and she has no mittens, no hat, no gloves. Looks like she has very thin leg covers and a dress on, that doesn't look too good."

The comment soon became the second most popular on the post, although many fans jumped in to defend the Duggars' parenting.

"My son refused to wear gloves for a while too, and it gets a lot colder where we live than how it looks in the picture," one commented. "Relax. That's a picture of happy kids having fun."

"Looks like snow pants under the dress and some kids won't leave gloves on," another echoed.

Although the Duggar daughters are kept to a pretty rigid dress standard before marriage, the Duggars believe that after they get married, what they wear is up to their husbands.

Fans theorize this is as both Jinger and Jill (Duggar) Dillard have been spotted wearing pants since their weddings.

Photo credit: Twitter / @19kidsandcounting