'Double Shot at Love': Nikki Admits She Loves Pauly D as He Kisses Another Woman

Forget a Double Shot at Love, Nikki has fallen head over heels for Pauly D for real. But is the Jersey Shore star ready for the future she has planned with him?

In Thursday's episode of the MTV dating show starring MTV stars Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and his bestie Vinny Guadagnino, the remaining women looking for love made their grand departure from the mansion, going along with Pauly on DJing gigs and visiting Vinny in his hometown of Staten Island.

As the women readied themselves to see the DJ in action, Nikki made a startling confession to Maria and Elise, stating out of the blue, "I love him."

Getting a double "What?" from her fellow contestants, Nikki restated that she was totally in love with the leading man, even through the ups and downs she's had with him during the few weeks they've known one another.

"Like you love your mom type of thing?" Elise asked, to which Nikki replied, "No, I want to marry him."

Maria chimed in doubtfully, "Girl, chill," but Nikkie doubled down, "I'm dead serious."

Despite pointing out that they've only known each other a few weeks, Nikki insisted, "I don't care. You know, when you know, you know. I love him."

She added, "I get it, it sounds crazy to say," earning a, "Do you boo, you love him," from Elise.

To the camera, Maria mocked her fellow contestant's declaration, mugging, "You love him? You love Pauly? You love him? Alright. Sure, Nikki."

Nikki's love declaration may have earned some eye rolls from the other women, but things got pretty awkward when immediately after, Derynn came back from a "hardcore make out session" with the DJ, joking she planned to kiss him on stage in front of Nikki to prove she didn't have the competition in the bag.

While Nikki did look crestfallen at the news, she managed to keep her emotions under control with the other women, which counts as a win based on past skirmishes in the house.


Double Shot at Love With Pauly D & Vinny airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV