'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Leland Chapman Reveals Note Online About Dreams and Goals

Dog the Bounty Hunter cast member Leland Chapman is hoping to make his dreams become reality.

The reality TV star took to Instagram on Wednesday, May 15 to share a photo of a handwritten note bearing a popular quote encouraging people to take a more active role in transforming their dreams into tangible goals and reality.

"A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality," the note read.

(Photo: Instagram / @lelandbchapman)

The optimistic message was met with a slew of positive responses from fans in the comment section.

"That's awesome," one fan wrote. "Thanks for sharing Leland."

"Dude I needed this more than I knew thanks," another added.

"I love this! Brilliant," wrote a third.

Chapman's note comes amid recent rumors that he and his wife, Jamie Chapman, had split. Speculation that there was trouble in their marriage was sparked after the couple posted cryptic messages on their social media accounts.

"Money is no longer the root of all evil, attention is," Chapman wrote in an April 24 Instagram post.

On her own Instagram Story, meanwhile, Jamie posted text that read "Guys want a pretty girl until they actually get a pretty girl, and then they get insecure and make her feel bad for all the attention she gets."

She later shared a photo of a book's text that read "silence has always been my loudest scream."

It was also around that time that fans noticed that Chapman had unfollowed his wife, though Jamie later addressed the concern and it was soon noted that Chapman had hit the follow button again.

"There is a rumor floating around that my husband and I are no longer together or 'having issues' in our marriage, and that is not true," she wrote. "We are most definitely married. Definitely going strong. And most definitely love each other very much! Just wanted to clear the air with some positive facts! He's the love of my life."


Despite the drama, the couple has proven just how close they truly are, and in recent days have flooded their Instagram accounts with sweet messages and photos of themselves together.