'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Wants to Be on 'Naked and Afraid'

Duane "Dog" Chapman's daughter, "Baby Lyssa" Chapman, wants to make the move from one extreme reality TV series to the next.

The Dog the Bounty Hunter star took to Twitter on Monday to reveal that she wants to take a step back from pursuing the family business of getting justice to instead test her skills in the remote wilderness on Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid.

"I would love to do @NakedAndAfraid pick me choose me !" she wrote.

Fans were quick to chime in with their support of Lyssa's proposal to embark on a new journey on the series, which sees one man and one woman stripping typical survival shows to their bare essentials as they attempt to survive in dangerous, desolate locations without food, water, or clothing.

"How do we pick you or vote for you," one fan questioned.

Another chimed in stating that Lysa already "got my vote."

"I could see you rocking that!" another wrote.

Others, however, were quick to warn Lyssa that the series may not be as fun as she may think.

"why? they might send you to a bot fly area, check that s– out. nasty crap there," one fan wrote, likely recalling the many times contestants have fallen victim to bug bites. "Fiji okay, amazon no way! there are some places you just stay away from."

Lyssa wouldn't be the only reality TV star to make the jump from one show to another, and she wouldn't be the first to strip down and venture into the wilderness.

In an episode that aired in June, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout ventured away from her family and into the Nicaraguan jungle to test her survival skills in a 14-day challenge. Paired with a complete stranger, Bookout, who is mom to 10-year-old son Bentley and 3-year-old Jayde, and 2-year-old Maverick, soon discovered that the series wasn't as easy as it looked on TV.

"Watching Naked and Afraid from your couch, it's easy to point out all the things you think people are doing wrong, but when you're here and you can actually feel the thirst and the pain in your body, it's a completely different story," she admitted during her episode.

Bookout ultimately tapped out of the challenge after about 24 hours, later stating that she was "proud of myself for trying something completely terrifying and out of my comfort zone."


Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.