'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Sends Message to the 'Dog Pound' Amid 'Dog's Most Wanted' Beth Chapman Memorial Episode

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman had a sweet message for fans during the airing of Dog's Most Wanted's emotional tribute finale to his late wife Beth Chapman. The reality television personality was an active presence on social media as the final episode of the WGN America series' first season chronicled the final days of Beth's life, along with the memorial services held in her name in Hawaii and Colorado.

Shortly after the episode began, close to the scenes documenting the medical emergency that landed Beth in the hospital before her death, Chapman took to Twitter to send an all-caps message of gratitude to longtime fans and viewers of the Chapman family's adventures.

Fans responded to Dog's message with positive messages, as they watched him and the other members of the family cope with their grief and tough decisions during the episode.

"[Beth Chapman] is looking down on you all right now. [two glistening heart emojis] She would be so proud.. Their(sic) will never be another," one user wrote.

"We love you all so much! Y'all need to go back on the hunt. That's what Beth would want," another fan commented.

"Wanted to let you know@dog it's not something you get over it's something you get through still praying for your family much love !!" Another fan wrote, relating to the family's difficult time.

"Farewell to a Queen" followed the Chapman family from the moment Beth experienced trouble breathing, just days before her death. It also showed as the family struggled with the decision to take the matriarch off life support. After pulling the plug, Dog recalled how the matriarch held on for another day before passing away.

"They said to me, 'Do you know how strong of a wife you've got?' and I went 'Duh!'" he said.

After a few hours, the doctors told the family they should go home and rest. They promised they would notify them the minute Beth started to breathe more slowly so they could be there to say goodbye.

"At 5:30 she said she's starting to breathe slow. Then they called me right back and said 'Dog, she stopped breathing. And I'm like, can I make it there in time? I'm 15 minutes away. 'No.' So 5:36, she was pronounced passed away."


While the series has not been officially renewed for Season 2, Dog previously said there are plans for the show to return in the future.