'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star's Daughter-in-Law Jodie Chapman Has 2 Serious Accidents Just Weeks Apart

Jodie Chapman, the wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman's son Wes, recently revealed she's had a string of bad luck as of late. The mother-of-two has had two tough accidents in recent weeks, both of which left her in somewhat rough shape. The first of which was a snowmobile accident that left her with a dislocated her arm, as she revealed on Jan. 28.

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"Feeling like a million bucks this morning after receiving a free coffee from my good friend [Tom Puckett] all while being able to use my bad arm!" she wrote on Instagram. "For those of you that missed it, a couple weeks ago I ripped my arm completely out of its socket. Yep it was death. Seriously the most painful thing I've ever felt and definitely a day we will never forget. (You can ask my poor kids who will forever be traumatized by the whole experience).

"Thankfully I'm in the clear which means no surgery for this girl! Hallelujah. My arm is almost totally back to normal and I'm beyond happy I can hold my venti iced coffee again."

The tumbles continued for Chapman, as she revealed on Feb. 11. In a tribute to her husband, Chapman revealed that she fell down a flight of stairs on Feb. 9 and dislocated her arm yet again.

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"Just need to take a minute to mush [and] gush over here about this guy (my hubs). Wes is my best friend, my ride or die, my in it to win it until the very end!" she wrote. "He has been so sweet and loving through this whole experience and I could not ask for anything better. For those of you that don't know, 3 weeks ago I pulled my arm completely out of its socket in a snowmobiling incident. Well 2 days ago (while still recovering) I stumbled down a flight of stairs and re-dislocated my already injured arm.

"I've had multiple women tell me that pulling your arm out of its socket is more painful than childbirth! [crying emoji] Unfortunately my shoulder was severely damaged in the 2 traumatic experiences, which ultimately looks like surgery is in my future. Once again I'm down to using only one arm [and] stuck on bed rest."

She followed up those remarks but expressing just how grateful she has been for Wes during this spring of bad luck.

"I know being a caregiver is NOT easy. It's not easy working full time, running the house, running a farm, keeping up on laundry and kids, becoming Mr. Mom and now taking care of his one armed wife. But [Wes] has not complained once! He constantly goes above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable and continues to keep my disappointed and frustrated spirits up. He's my shoulder to cry on. My joke teller when I need a good laugh. My hair brusher [and] pillow fluffer. But most of all, Wes is the most selfless man I know.


"The past couple weeks have not been easy and I know the next couple months are going to be very difficult. But I'm so grateful to have a partner who's got my back and always shows up for me when I need him the very most! I love you baby, thanks for all you do! I truly could not imagine going through this without you. One day I'll make all this up to you I promise! But for now, all I can do is type you a cute little social media post left handed."

Chapman's latest update was that she her latest doctor visit revealed she actually fractured her shoulder and tore its cartilage, meaning she still has a longer-than-expected recovery ahead of her.