'Dog the Bounty Hunter': 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Reveals Daughter and Her Boyfriend Broke up Day After Prom

While times have been tough for the Chapman family in recent months, "Baby" Lyssa Chapman has found some bright spots thanks to her family life and pending nuptials. Despite the ongoing watch over Beth Chapman and her health, the young daughter of the bounty hunting duo has been living life as well as she can.

But the former reality star did share some sad news for her daughter following her recent senior prom. As many saw in the photos, her daughter Abbie was close with her boyfriend in the photos and seem poised for a wonderful time. But after the event, it would seem that something went south.

"My daughter and her BF broke up the day after prom," Lyssa shared on Twitter. "Now I have $125 dollars worth of prom photos that she will murder me if I show to anyone or frame."

(Photo: Lyssa Chapman / Twitter)

Chapman closed out the message with the hashtag for "this is parenting a teen," with many fans giving some well wishes in light of the news.

"Aww is this her first breakup? I'm sorry she going through this," one fan wrote with a heart emoji added.

"Photoshop someone cooler into them," another commenter suggested to Chapman.

A few even shared their own heartbreaking prom stories, showing it truly is a slice of growing up.

"My friend's [girlfriend] dumped her the day of our prom," a fan shared. "She was heartbroken."

"I saw a meme with a similar story," another added. "They photoshopped [Ryan Reynolds'] face over the guys face."

Despite this, the former reality star and her kids were all smiles during a photo session on Mother's Day. Not to mention the scenery around them was breathtaking.

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And aside from this, Chapman is also closer and closer to marrying girlfriend Leiana Evensen. She shared another snap of the pair kissing back in April shortly after indicating she was meeting her future in-laws for dinner. Evensen and Chapman announced their engagement back in December 2017.


"I love you more than ever and am beyond excited to start the next chapter in our journey together," Evensen wrote on Instagram at the time. "So grateful for you baby! You have brought so much love and light back into my life. I am forever yours. Love will always win, and you will always be my love, babe."

The specter of Beth Chapman's cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatment does linger over the events, but it is nice to see that the family is doing their part to keep smiles intact all around.