Discovery Investigates Mysteries of Nature With New Series 'Legends of the Wild,' Get an Exclusive Preview

Lifelong friends and wilderness experts Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann are taking on some of the [...]

Lifelong friends and wilderness experts Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann are taking on some of the most mysterious and extraordinary mysteries of the natural world in the debut of Discovery's new series, Legends of the Wild, premiering Wednesday, April 1. From startling reports of strange animal attacks, new apex predators and sightings of unexplainable creatures, Duffy and Hoffmann are determined to track down the truth, and has an exclusive preview of what's to come.

Duffy, a former Australian army paratrooper and certified wilderness guide, and Hoffmann, a professional wildlife photographer and storm chaser, have seen their fair share of dangerous situations through the years, but the adventures they're taking on for Legends of the Wild will push them to their limits. Journeying into the wilderness to explore the "most hair-raising wildlife legends," Hoffmann and Duffy are willing to risk it all to see what's going on outside of human knowledge.

In the April 1 series premiere, Duffy and Hoffmann head to Brazil to investigate why Brazilian ranchers are being found dead, apparently gored by unidentified creatures. Could the culprit be more common animal suspects like jaguars or caimans, or is there something out there no one could have predicted?

"In central Brazil, there have been a growing number of fatal animal attacks against humans," Duffy says in the exclusive sneak peek. "Victims are left with mysterious wound patterns and no one has been able to identify what animal is responsible. We're hoping our knowledge of wildlife can the bush will help find, and stop, a killer."

Later in the season, the pair explores a possible return of a long extinct predator in Australia and even takes on the mystery of disappearing villagers and livestock in the Philippines.

Legends of the Wild premieres Wednesday, April 1 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel. After each new episode, viewers can catch up on the Discovery GO app.

Legends of the Wild is produced for Discovery Channel by Hit + Run. For Hit + Run, Rob Shaftel, Noah Korn and Myles Reiff serving as executive producers, with David Story as co-executive producer. For Discovery Channel, John Slaughter is executive producer and Paola Espinosa is associate producer.

Photo credit: Discovery