'Deadliest Catch' Season 15 First Look Promises Crushing Competition and Gnarly Injuries

In the brand new season of Deadliest Catch, the captains are going to have to battle things out close-range if they want to bring home their crab quotas.

In PopCulture.com's exclusive Season 15 trailer for the hit Discovery show, premiering Tuesday, April 9, the fleet has to deal not just with the dangerous weather and gnarly injuries that crop up nearly every year, but a rumored crab pile forcing them into some seriously cramped quarters.

That, plus the addition of no-nonsense new Captain Steve "Harley" Davidson and his 148-foot-long Southern Wind, all of which brings a new level of competition to the season unlike any the fleet has seen in years.

"There's a rumor that the crab are in one spot," Summer Bay Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski explains. "As guys find it, it turns into a battleground."

Adds Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen, "If you're fishing in those tight quarters, if the competition doesn't crush you, the Bering Sea will."

With backbreaking work and what looks like some pretty devastating injuries, the crab won't come without a cost for the fishermen willing to take on the deadly sea in search of their fortune.

For Hansen, that means bringing daughter Mandy onboard full-time to see if she's ready to take the reigns as relief skipper in the family business.

"To come out on top, you gotta strike while the iron's hot," Hansen advises. "You gotta endure suffering."

With everything on the line for the fleet, the captains have more than enough to deal with without adding complications from the tempestuous Bering Sea weather.

But as temperatures dip lower than they have in more than five years, parts of the sea are turning to ice, with the boats in it.

That kind of danger might deter some, but for the Deadliest Catch captains? No way.

"Well, you know what?" Wizard Captain Keith Colburn tells the camera after a shot of him with what appears to be blood streaming down his face flashes on the screen. "Bring it!"

Deadliest Catch Season 15 begins Tuesday, April 9 with a two-hour gripping premiere on Discovery, also streaming live on Discovery GO.


Photo credit: Discovery