It's 'Man Overboard' in New 'Deadliest Catch' Exclusive Clip

The Deadliest Catch captains have never seen anything like this supermoon before.

In a heartpounding exclusive preview of Tuesday, July 17's all-new episode of the Discovery series, the natural phenomenon is wreaking havoc on the Bering Sea's tides, and creating conditions deadlier than ever before.

"I've never been so frightened of a full moon before, " Summer Bay Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski says ominously in the clip. Saga Captain Jake Anderson agrees, saying, "This supermoon has no remorse. It's just looking to break someone."

Echoes Brenna A Captain Sean Dwyer, "I'm no astronomer, but we've got some serious tides."

Cornelia Marie Captain Josh Harris, who recently returned to the sea after dealing with family issues, adds, "This full moon is killing us."

It's clear from the clip that the tides are both taxing the deckhands and the captains, but things go from scary to life-threatening in a minute when one of Wild Bill's men goes overboard. Will the crew be able to save him in time?

Having killer weather like this was the defining difficulty of the season, Anderson and Harris told PopCulture exclusively before the premiere.

"Our tides haven't been this strong in 150 years," Anderson told PopCulture in April. "So everybody in the fleet had something new to deal with that they never have dealt with before and probably will never see in their lifetime again."

Harris chimed in, "Well, I picked one hell of a season to come back to. You know, we had this supermoon event, and it caused all of these massive tides, which in turn meant we had a lot of injuries and a lot of craziness."

Anderson explained, "To basically explain it in layman's terms, if the wave heights were said to be 19 feet, where I was at, I'd be about 30, 35-foot swells."

But will everyone emerge unscathed?


Fans will have to tune in to Deadliest Catch, which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery to find out.

Photo credit: Discovery