David Osper, Producer of MTV's 'Road Rules,' Trutv's 'Storage Hunters' and History's 'Ancient Aliens,' Dead at 47

Tragedy has struck the world of television as news circulated late on Tuesday that producer David Osper had passed away. He was 47 years old at the time of his death. He lost a battle with cancer according to a spokesperson with Sony Pictures Television.

Osper was behind a slew of reality shows, including Road Rules on MTV, Storage Hunters on TruTV, and Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

He also took on a position at MTV as VP of Unscripted Development.

Giorgio Tsoukalos, who worked on Ancient Aliens, put out a heartfelt post on Twitter shortly after the news got out.

"Last night, my friend David Osper moved on to the next level, far too young," he began. "David was the first field director and field producer of the 1st standalone Ancient Aliens episode, 'Gods, Chariots and Beyond.' I've known David since October '08 and what an adventure it was."

He continued in another post, "My earliy life in LA would've been boring without him. Thank you for all the memories old chap. I'm relieved to know you're free of your pain. This one will take a while, I'll miss your damn laugh."

Osper's list of work also included work with NBC on shows like Who Wants to Marry My Dad? and Meet My Folks. With MTV, Osper's resume included lesser-known shows such as Buzzin', Buckwild, Homewrecker, Scrubbing In, Suspect and True Life.

Following the horrific nightclub shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Osper produced a documentary for his True Life on the tragedy under the title, We Are Orlando.


In an interview with The Orlando Sentinel, Osper explained how he wanted to keep the discussion going and bring attention to the incident.

"We hope that people remember what happened," Osper said. "We don't want to forget what happened."