'Dancing With the Stars' Trying to Snag Charlie Sheen for Season 29

Charlie Sheen once rejected ABC's offer to compete for the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing With The [...]

Charlie Sheen once rejected ABC's offer to compete for the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing With The Stars, but the network is trying once again to snag the Two and a Half Men star for Season 29. ABC executive Rob Mills revealed to Variety Monday that they met with Sheen for the DWTS season, calling him a "born entertainer." The network tried to get Sheen for this past season, but were unsuccessful.

"We've met with Charlie Sheen," Mills, ABC Entertainment's Senior VP of alternative series, told Variety. "I don't think it's a huge secret because he came out and talked about it, but I would still love Charlie Sheen to come on."

Mills described Sheen as "one of the nicest, most charming people" and called him a "born entertainer" the DWTS audience would happily root for.

"I think people would love to see him, but it may not be for him," Mills explained. "What I really found very sweet about him is he basically said, 'I really don't dance. I've got two left feet.' So there's a real sweetness and vulnerability, which would be really fun to showcase on the show."

In September, Sheen told Us Weekly ABC offered him a spot on DWTS Season 28, but he rejected them because he has zero dancing skills. Sheen reportedly even debated rehearsing with pro dancer Cheryl Burke before he ultimately decided against joining the show.

"I was very flattered by ABC and their offer, but at the end of the day, I have two left feet and I just can't dance," the Platoon actor explained.

Sheen's publicist, Jeff Ballard, told Us Weekly ABC made a "very generous offer" for a pilot featuring the actor, but he had to join DWTS in order for it to get a greenlight.

"When there is a big star like that, they will get some sort of deal for a pilot with ABC," a source told the magazine at the time.

Even if Sheen does not join DWTS, the network is trying to attract enough stars to provide a worthy follow-up to the strong Season 28 cast. Mills told Variety the network is considering asking former NFL player Ryan Shazier, who was almost paralyzed when he suffered a spinal injury in 2017. A video showing Shazier dancing at his wedding earlier this year went viral, so Mills sees potential there.

"Two years ago, he was hit on a Monday Night Football game and doctors feared he was paralyzed, and he has learned to walk again," Mills explained. "Those are those great stories that are really what Dancing With the Stars is all about — here's somebody who has overcome something, and when you do that, you dance. He would be great."

DWTS could also pick up on two storylines from Season 28. Karamo Brown had a successful run, so his Queer Eye co-stars are being considered. ABC is also considering asking Christie Brinkley to come back. Brinkley broke her arm before Season 28 kicked off, so her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, filled in for her at the last moment.

DWTS will return in Fall 2020.

Photo credit: PALACE LEE / Barcroft Media via Getty Images