'Dancing With the Stars': Ray Lewis Fans Flip After He Bows Out of Competition

Ray Lewis' run on Dancing with the Stars didn't go nearly as well as his NFL career. The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker survived the first eviction of the show but didn't make it much further. It was revealed prior to Monday's episode that Lewis' tenure on the show came to an abrupt end. As the show kicked off, host Tom Bergeron announced an "old injury flared up" that "took him out of the competition."

Lewis never seemed to among the fan favorites on social media. In fact, there were many people who grew frustrated in the producer's decision to cast Lewis after he previously was connected in a murder trial in 2000.

That being said, many fans did share their sympathy after he had to leave the show.

He hinted at the news on his Instagram over the weekend, as well.

"Don't get me wrong- I understand the grind- the effort and commitment it takes is unparalleled," Lewis wrote in the caption. "But when you finally level up what else will be left? Did you cut off your friends and family or sacrifice your mental health? Make time for what matters. Take care of yourself. Mind, Body, and Spirit. #NoExcuses."

That being said, his exit from the series also means his teammate, Cheryl Burke, will also be out of this season.

Burke commented on Twitter about the unfortunate situation.


"Dancing with Ray has meant so much to me. His positivity and dedication are admirable, and his smile is contagious. The hard work he put into every practice and performance is something only a true athlete could do. Being an athlete means pushing yourself past your limits but also knowing when to care of your body," the tweet began. "Unfortunately, due to injuries he sustained to his foot, our journey to the mirror ball ends tonight. Ray, I wish you a safe and speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you do the squirrel dance again very soon."