Maks Chmerkovskiy Reveals If He'll Ever Return to 'Dancing With the Stars'

Maksim Chmerkovskiy isn't planning on a return to Dancing With the Stars following his 2018 departure from the ABC series, but the professional dancer made it clear he is always cheering on brother Val Chmerkovskiy and his celebrity partner for the season.

"I think I'm just going to be the sideline mascot bringing babies to see their parents do their thing," Maks told Us Weekly Tuesday as he promoted his new tour with brother Val. "I'll be that person."

Since his exit from DWTS, Maks said there has been plenty to keep him busy, and plenty of other dancers bringing it in the ABC ballroom to fill in for his absence.

"I'm excited about all the opportunities. I keep saying the platform has been amazing. It's great to see new faces especially representing ballroom dance," Maks said "We've had an incredible wave of new people that are now representing the same way, and probably better."

He added, "This is exciting. Some changes are happening to the show [and] I just want it to stick around. So, if I need to support it on the side and be that mascot, I'll do it."

Making ballroom dancing a household name has been such a valuable result of DWTS' success, and one the Chmerkovskiy brothers hope will last past the series' eventual end.

"When the show is off, we're not off from being heavy participants in [the] ballroom industry," the dancer explained. "For us, it's a big deal that there's a platform like Dancing With the Stars."

Val, however, has plans to stay with the series as long as producers will have him on.


"It's family. It's family beyond only the talent you see on screen. There's a lot of people behind screen that we have built a relationship with and we want to see the show continue to grow and be successful," Val explained. "I personally still want to serve the show. How much longer, I don't know. If they continue to call me back, I am more than willing to be a part of it and continue to serve my presence on the show."

Photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images for G'Day USA