Amy Duggar Posts Racy Bathtub Photo, Then Deletes It

Amy (Duggar) King gave up a bit too much of her privacy in her latest bath time Instagram post.

The Counting On cast member, who is a cousin of the famous Duggar family, took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal that she accidentally posted a NSFW moment on social media.

The 31-year-old told fans that she was enjoying some time in the bathtub when she snapped an artsy photo for Instagram, which included an unintended look at her body.

"I took a pic of me relaxing in the tub just knees down… but I forgot the faucet is reflective and omg… now I'm horrified and deleted it so quickly but still!" she wrote of the now deleted shot. King added hashtags for "#neveragain #nobubbles #ahhhhhh."

Fans offered up support to the reality TV cast member, but they also got a kick out of her misfortune.

"Laughing and cringing at the same time!" one follower wrote. Another added, "Omg horrifying but so funny."

One suggested that the issue stemmed from King's affinity for cleanliness: "The downside of being on top of cleaning the tub!"

And a few swift followers claimed to have seen the photo before it was deleted. They reassured that should the picture resurface, it wouldn't be too bad for her.

"I didn't notice anything. If someone looked that closely at your photo, they are the true definition of a sicko," an encouraging follower wrote.

Still, King wasn't totally convinced she was in the clear and urged any viewers with fast fingers not to spread the photo.

"Literally still freaking out… please Lord don't let it end up in the tabloids… I. WILL. JUST. DIE," she wrote.

King recently made headlines after she spoke out about the 13 Turpin children who were rescued from their California "horror house" in January, a place in which they were allegedly subjected to various forms of torture and abuse.

The reality personality said she would love to adopt the children, who range in age from two to 29.

"I just texted [my husband] Dillon and told him I wanted to adopt all 13 Turpin children. I would love to show them true love and have a beautiful life and provide a secure and stable home for them," King wrote on Twitter. "God can restore what the devil has stolen."

She also called out the children' parents, David and Louise Turpin, writing, "Anyone who can hurt animals and starve / torture children in any way need to be hung by their toenails. Watching the news just breaks my heart."

While taking in more than a dozen kids would be a massive undertaking, the Duggar cousin certainly has experience with large families. King elaborated on her wish to People last month, reiterating that she would be up for the challenge if she had the funds.


"I would completely adopt them and get them counseling so they can begin to heal," she said. "They need a home full of love and stability. I'm only 31 so it would be a huge undertaking for Dillon and I. But at least they would be safe and loved."

Although rumors have recently suggested King is pregnant, she and husband Dillon King do not have any children of their own.