Former 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Earns Fiery Criticism After Saying She 'Loves Coronavirus Season' Amid Pandemic

Even during a global crisis, former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham can find ways to court criticism. In an Instagram video she shared earlier this week, Abraham said she "loves" coronavirus season and revealed she is only homeschooling daughter Sophia Abraham for two and a half hours a day. Abraham also came under fire when she shared a picture of herself and Sophia wearing facemasks on Sophia's Instagram page.

"Sophia has been online schooled for a couple of years now. Sophia really does two-and-a-half hours of school a day," Abraham said in the Instagram video, reports The Sun. "She gets through all her schooling she has to get done. Then she gets to do fun things like learn about how to create videos and edit and be super creative. Do her dance classes online do her acting classes online."

Abraham stayed cheery throughout the clip, telling her viewers, "Everything can be done from home and online. I'm such a homebody and I kind of love coronavirus season!" This led to Abraham complaining she could not find eggs to make a St. Patrick's Day cake. It also inspired hundreds of comments from her Instagram followers, shocked by her attitude to the global pandemic.

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"Why do you keep saying you love Coronavirus season like its spring, summer, fall, or winter?!" one wrote. "You seriously need a reality check."

"I was following did you said you were excited about coronavirus season," another wrote. "Some of us are losing jobs because of this. This is not a season."

"Will you please stop with this whole 'I'm an expert' BS?" one follower wrote to Abraham. "You need more education about what you are doing to your physical body with botox, fillers, cosmetic surgeries, and so forth before trying to educate actual parents on homeschooling. Besides, you only homeschool Sophia to spend the rest of the time putting her under a fame spotlight."

"2.5 hours doesn't seem very long. How do you make up for the lost opportunities to socialize with her own age group?" another asked.

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Abraham also angered Instagram users when she shared a paparazzi photo of herself and Sophia wearing facemasks on Sophia's Instagram page.
Abraham's followers blasted her for not appearing to take this seriously.

"Blown away at the ignorance and stupidity," one person wrote. "Leave the masks for the people this disease actually could kill. And maybe stop posting stuff about serious matters for attention like this. Unreal. I feel sorry for this child."

"It never hurts to be safe BUT leave the masks for the people that are actually sick so that they DONT spread it!!" another wrote.


As of Thursday afternoon, there are more than 240,000 coronavirus cases around the world, including 13,000 in the U.S., according to Johns Hopkins University research. There have been 176 deaths due to COVID-19 in the U.S.

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