'Celebrity Ghost Stories' Psychic Kim Russo up for Crossover With 'Ghost Hunters' on A&E (Exclusive)

With A&E diving back into the universe of unexplained paranormal phenomena featuring groundbreaking programming, fans of the genre have a lot to be excited about this season — especially as psychic Kim Russo makes her way onto the network with Celebrity Ghost Stories. The world-renowned clairvoyant's new series, combining the thrill of ghost hunting alongside raw emotion with psychic-medium readings, follows the hotly anticipated broadcast of the two-hour Season 2 premiere of Ghost Hunters on Wednesday. And if Russo has a say, she tells PopCulture.com exclusively that she'd love a crossover with Grant Wilson's team.

"I would!" Russo beamed over a telephone call with PopCulture on April 1, when asked if she was up for a crossover event. "I have not met with them, but I have thought about that because the way it's connected, even in how they are premiering the two shows together — I would love that."

Russo adds that ironically, one of the producers that works on her show, also works on Ghost Hunters, admitting they had nothing but praise for the commonalities between the Long Island native's work ethic and Wilson's team consisting of investigators, Kristen Luman, Daryl Marston, Mustafa Gatollari, Brandon Alvis, Richel Stratton and Brian Murray.

(Photo: Samantha Casolari / A&E Networks (Russo); Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A&E (Ghost Hunters))

"They're like, 'God, both shows are the truest shows I've ever worked on' and their show is of such integrity," Russo said. "We've discussed it, but it's definitely a network thing — but I'd love to do that, my goodness, that would be a dream!"

When PopCulture spoke to Marston and Luman on April 3 about Russo's interest in a possible crossover ahead of the two-hour Season 2 premiere, the co-lead investigators were happy and receptive to hear of the psychic's interest in joining them for a case. "We would love to!" Marston chirped as Luman replied, "I'd love it!"

Echoing Russo in admitting how it's "not really" up to them to decide, Marston reiterated he would love nothing more than to do a crossover with her. After all, he is a big fan! "I've watched [Kim] for years. I think she's so great," he said. "I love what she does, and I love her show. Hell, yeah, I would love to do a crossover with her!"

"Yeah, the more the merrier," Luman told PopCulture.

In the meantime, Russo, whose abilities have only gotten stronger over time and since her last series, The Haunting Of, is bringing along some of the biggest names in entertainment to sites filled with paranormal phenomena for an unfiltered and perhaps even, dangerous reunion with ghosts of their past. She admits the entire show, featuring six episodes and a slew of guest stars has been a long time coming.


"I'm so excited to share with everyone what I've been working on," she said. "There's a pretty big time lapse between the other show that I did and this show, and people are just emailing me, and social media, 'We want more, we're not done!' The fans are just as excited as I am, and this season is amazing. I've seen some sneak peeks — I'm excited!"

Celebrity Ghost Stories premieres at 10 p.m. ET on A&E, while Ghost Hunters kicks off its sophomore season starting at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 8. For more thrills and chills, stay tuned to PopCulture for all your paranormal reality TV coverage!