'Catfish' Returning to MTV With New Episodes: See the Trailer

Catfish: The TV Show is making its return to MTV with brand new episodes starting Tuesday, May 4, reports TV Insider, and with the COVID-19 pandemic making isolation and connection even more powerful forces in our lives, there's plenty of crazy catfish stories and wild connections to dive into.

Executive producer and host Nev Schulman is back with his co-host Kamie Crawford for another wild season tracking down people who don't seem to be who they say they are online while taking advantage of those looking for love, friendship and connection. "The anxiety of the pandemic has made people more vulnerable to being catfished," the new season's promo teases. Also hinted at in the trailer for the upcoming season are brand new twists, wilder stories and even a porn star.

Schulman and Crawford opened up to PopCulture back in August 2020 about filming Catfish virtually amid the pandemic, with Schulman saying it was an "interesting" challenge, as the show typically holds a face-to-face meeting between the catfish and their victim as the final goal. "For us, it's interesting because the whole point of the show is getting people to show up in person and make that eye-to-eye human connection," the Dancing With the Stars alum shared.

That virtual disconnect has been an obstacle Schulman and Crawford have had to navigate when it comes to persuading the catfish to come clean with their lies. "When you're trying to get people to FaceTime you, there isn't any pressure like there is when you show up at someone's house," he said at the time. Crawford credited Schulman with using "a lot more softness" to "butter people up" and get them to agree to a video chat, but the two have clearly honed that new skill when it comes to taking on the new season.

During the past year of pandemic, Schulman explained it was a peak time for catfishers to find new victims and cause more chaos. "The last four months have taught us all that when you feel isolated, and when the future maybe looks bleak … the internet becomes a very desirable, appealing place to spend time and get that human contact you need," he said in August. Crawford noted that so much time at home appears to have also emboldened the catfish they do encounter: "It's definitely giving some people the time they needed to pursue catfishing activities." Catfish: The TV Show returns with all-new episodes Tuesday, May 4 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.