Bristol Palin Calls Farrah Abraham 'Rude' After Replacing Her on 'Teen Mom OG'

There was no love lost between Bristol Palin and Farrah Abraham even before Palin replaced her on [...]

There was no love lost between Bristol Palin and Farrah Abraham even before Palin replaced her on Teen Mom OG.

In a clip of Monday's all-new episode of the MTV series shared by PEOPLE, original stars Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood come face-to-face with newcomers Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd for the first time since the new moms were brought on to fill the hole left by Abraham's exit in pursuit of adult entertainment work last season.

Watch the clip here.

Although all of the women were nervous to meet one another, they all agree that they want their relationships to be friendly, if not that of best friends, while Floyd and Palin admit they were worried about stepping on toes after being cast.

"It's nervewracking coming on a show when people have done it for so long," Floyd tells the other women.

Palin and Bookout also reveal that they met several years ago briefly at a panel, which is where Abraham's role on the show first is mentioned.

"We were working some teen pregnancy panel. Farrah was there, too," says Palin, with Bookout adding, "Yeah, when Farrah was still somewhat nice."

"She was still rude back then," Palin says, adding that prior to that meeting, she felt bad for Abraham, thinking she must be being portrayed differently on TV than she is in real life.

"I know that people talk about me in a negative way so I give everyone the benefit of the doubt," she explains. "I watched the show [thinking] 'I feel bad for her, that must suck to feel like people hate you.'"

But coming in contact with Abraham off-camera changed Palin's mind. "I feel like she really does choose to have enemies all over," she adds.

Portwood, who was more upset over not being let in on the casting process by production than with the actual women who were cast, adds that Abraham used to "separate" herself from the other women on the show.

"She feels it's just her way of shining through," she says. "She used to separate herself from us every time we did anything. She was never around us."

"I just want to be cordial and friendly and have a good season without a crazy reunion," Portwood continues.

"I'm just glad we have cast members we can talk to," Bookout adds.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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