Brielle Biermann Calls People 'Liars' Who Say She Looked Better Before Lip Injections

Brielle Biermann is shutting her haters down with her own version of the 10-Year Challenge!

The Don't Be Tardy daughter, 21, has long been criticized for her lip injections, but in a series of Instagram Stories shared Tuesday, shared throwback photos of herself before she had gotten them with a cheeky caption: "To those who say i look better before lips … you're a liar and this photo is PROOOOOOF."

She later shared a screenshot of a message sent to her by an appreciative fan, who wrote, "Hey Brielle, I just wanted to say I think you're the most realistic and down to earth public figure. You actually say what is and doesn't give two F's about peoples opinion of you! I love it! It's a breath of fresh air to see someone stand up for their actions/looks and actually believe it!"

Brielle Biermann
(Photo: Instagram/Brielle Biermann)

"Thanks for encouraging me to do my thing and be myself without saying sorry. Even if you didn't know you were," the note concluded.

The daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak Biermann has faced a lot of hate over her choice to undergo cosmetic surgery at such a young age, but has also made it clear she's not concerned about other people's opinions on her lips.

After a photo she shared of herself in March sparked a social media debate about whether she had gone too far, she replied, "My lips do not look good in photos. I f—ing get it. I'm really over y'all saying this as if I've never seen/heard it. I'm not changing them — whether it looks good to you or not."

Her mother is also ready to stand up for her no matter what, she revealed to Us Weekly in July.

"Messing with my kids is gonna be a big one, you know? … Let's use Brielle's lips, right? So when Brielle wanted her lips done. It was something that she's never really liked. She's always talked about wanting bigger lips. She turned 18, I took her to the best. That's her decision, her choice. I took her to the best. She was very open because she said she didn't want other girls that felt like her to not know that there wasn't an option. So she shared that with the world. Then, they're like, 'You look like a duck, you look awful, they look terrible, blah, blah, blah,' and Brielle's like, 'Well f—, maybe I shouldn't say anything.' I said, 'No, you just basically do you.'"


Don't Be Tardy returns to Bravo with two back-to-back episodes on Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images