Brie Bella's Labor Turns Dangerous During Birth of Birdie Joe on 'Total Bellas'

After sister Nikki took on Maryse (and got engaged) at Wrestlemania, Brie Bella had to fight her own battle with a dangerous labor as it was revealed in the season finale of Total Bellas.

Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan had Birdie Joe in May, but this is the first time fans have gotten an intimate look at the drama leading up to the delivery room and learned about the emergency decision the couple had to make for the health of their child.

Bryan is up-front with his wife when he leaves for Wrestlemania, where he is acting as General Manager, saying the proximity of her due date makes him not want to leave her.

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"It makes me nervous, but I guess this is the business we're in," Bella says.

"I don't wanna go," Bryan immediately chimes in.

Bryan has nothing to worry about. Eight days after her due date, she still hasn't gone into labor and the planned natural birth is looking less and less possible due to a deteriorating placenta.

But Bella's labor is slow, and 21 hours into the grueling process doctors decide they need to bring her into the operating room for a cesarean section.

"Nothing is changing, she's just in so much pain," Bryan says. "I know my wife, she can take a lot of pain, and I start to see the look in [the doctor's] eyes of concern. We're all getting a little nervous now."

"I just want to do what's right for Birdie," she tells the doctors.

After a successful surgery, Bella and Bryan are shown crying over their healthy newborn baby.

"I felt [that motherly love] immediately seeing her," Bella says.

The wrestling diva said without her husband's support, it would have been impossible for her to make it through.


"I literally had the craziest birth," she says. "This guy didn't leave my side for the full 21 hours. I don't think I could have done it without him."

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Both mom and baby are happy and healthy five months later and will surely continue to bring a smile to fans' faces for years to come.