Bravo Star Calls out President Trump After Matt Lauer Firing

Bravo personality Quad Webb-Lunceford says news of Matt Lauer's firing from NBC amid allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct "took [her] out," but the Married to Medicine cast member says she wasn't surprised.

"I also know that people also put out there what they want you to see," she said. "They'll put the persona out there they want you to believe."

While Webb-Lunceford said she didn't expect to hear such disconcerting news about Lauer, she said she doesn't think he or any other man is "incapable" of the sexual harassment he reportedly engaged in.

The star also implied the evidence against Lauer had to be "concrete" for him to be fired from his prominent position co-hosting Today.

"There was really something there," she said.

But as a woman of color, Webb-Lunceford said the standards of behavior society applies to celebrities has to go all the way to the top, referencing the Access Hollywood tapes in which President Donald Trump discusses grabbing women by the genitals to Billy Bush.

"We have a president who says he snatches crotches, and he gets elected," she said, "but people are losing their jobs based on accusations."

As a country, she concluded, we need to continue to air out our dirty laundry in order to make forward progress.


"Let's deal with the issues," she said. "That's how we grow and evolve and improve."

Photo credit: The Blast