Brandi Glanville Breaks Her Silence About Alleged 'RHUGT' Assault With Caroline Manzo

Brandi Glanville is finally speaking about the alleged unwanted advances she gave RHONJ alum Caroline Manzo while filming Ultimate Girls Trip Season 4 in Morroco. Page Six reports Glanville gave Manzo "unwanted kisses," and allegedly touched Manzo's breasts and genital area as well, leaving others uncomfortable. Sources close to production claim the cast was partying as a group in a private home when Glanville, 50, "stuck her tongue down [Manzo's] throat." Manzo, 61, was left stunned.

"I reached out to her after the whole Brandi incident. There's a lot she can't say. [She's] not well. It was really traumatizing," Manzo's sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita told Carlos King on his Reality With the King podcast. "She couldn't really talk to me about it. I just wanted to know if she was OK. Because originally, when it came out, I thought she had like beat her up, or something happened, I'm like, 'What the hell happened?' I think it's been hard for her. I don't have all the details. I hear stuff in the press, but I don't really know. Anytime anyone is [assaulted], it's not good." But Glanville says the situation is not what's been reported.

The RHOBH alum fired off a series of tweets regarding the matter, in which she clarified that she will not be taking legal action against Peacock or "anyone else," despite reports stating such. Both she and Manzo left the 8-day trip early. Glanville was asked to leave, and Manzo left on her own accord.

According to Glanville, both she and Manzo were "very intoxicated" when the incident happened and she wants to see the full footage in question. "I can speak on anything I want to speak on-it was at the end of an 18-hour Wrk day at our belly dancing party [and] I'd like to see footage on it before hand as both myself [and] Caroline were very intoxicated," she claimed in the Tweet.

Glanville also denies any inappropriate behavior toward Manzo. She claims producers of the show and the network asked her to "bring the party" like she did on her first season of the Peacock series.

"I'm f—ing sick of this narrative.I was hired for a 2nd season of girls trip cuz they LOVED what I did on 1st season I was told to bring the party just like before [and] that's exactly what I did [and] I was punished for it," she wrote. "It feels like a f—ing set up. It's BS [and] Caroline was fine."

Glanville added: "Those are my statements. Yes I'm pissed off. Yes, this is been life f—ing ruining and I'm not gonna be responding to anyone commenting."