'Big Brother' Evicts First Houseguest of Season 20

The Big Brother house has taken its first victim. Say goodbye to Steve!

Former undercover cop Steve and welder Sam were up for eviction during the competition's first live ceremony after being nominated by Head of Household Tyler due to their failure in the HoH competition last week. But Tyler, due to his secret Level 6 alliance, was actually trying to keep Sam in the house without revealing his true allegiances.

On the other side of the house, was the FOUTTE alliance, which was trying to keep Steve around. But after feeling left out by her own alliance, Kaitlyn chose to break rank.

Sam was at a disadvantage from the start due to her punishment for coming in last during the season's second physical challenge, forcing her to live as a robot for much of the game, away from the people she was trying to bond with and make a connection.

She also had a serious advantage, however.

After being coined the most "trending" player of the week by viewers, she was given the chance to choose a power app from the BB App Store, which gave her a bonus life that she could use for the chance to save herself from eviction within the first three weeks. That didn't come in handy Thursday, but could in the future.

During the live eviction ceremony, each of the nominated players was given the chance to plead their case.

"Truth of the matter is, I can't say anything bad about [Sam]," Steve said, adding that there was no "ill will" if he was voted out in the end.

Sam kept a similarly positive spirit during her speech.

"Each and every one of you has touched my heart and made this a very positive experience," Sam said. "I just don't want it to end yet ... maybe I won't have to be a robot [in the future]."

In the end, Scottie, Swaggy C, Bayleigh, Faysal, Rockstar and Haleigh voted to evict Sam

JC, Rachel, Kaycee, Angela, Brett, Winston and Kaitlyn, meanwhile, voted to evict Steve.

After being evicted, Steve told host Julie Chen that he was "more than confident" heading into the vote, but that it was his first mistake.


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming