'Big Brother' Unanimous Eviction Sends Player Packing for the Jury House

Scottie Salton is saying goodbye to the Big Brother house again! The previously evicted houseguest was sent packing to the Jury House yet again Thursday after winning a second chance at the prize money in the Jury Battle Back last week.

Despite being put on the block by Head of Household Tyler Crispen earlier in the week on the CBS reality series, Scottie was convinced that it would be his fellow houseguest Haleigh Broucher being sent home after being assured by Tyler that he wasn't the main target this week.

"Good old Scottie might be feeling the Level 6 blindside this week," Tyler told the cameras, adding he "almost" feels bad about it.

Both Tyler and Haleigh hoped they could make sure they were safe during Wednesday's veto competition, but when Level 6 member Kaycee Clark pulled out a victory, she decided to keep nominations the same, making their only hope to save themselves their social game. But Haleigh couldn't help herself from pestering Tyler about her status in the household, making the HOH briefly consider switching the target mid-week.

Scottie, in a last plea, told houseguests to make the "smart" move or "suck it," while Haleigh took a less intense route, saying no matter what happened, she would stick to her word "and stay grateful."

In the end, Brett Robinson, Kaycee, Sam Bledsoe, Angela Rummans and JC Mounduix voted to send Scottie back to the Jury House, while no one voted to evict Haleigh.

After making a quick exit, he will now return to the Jury House, where he will spend the remainder of the game alongside Bayleigh Dayton, Angie "Rockstar" Lantry and Faysal Shafaat while they greet the soon-to-be-evicted houseguests ahead of the finals.

Can Haleigh hang on past the next week by winning HOH or making a new alliance?


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming