'Big Brother': Dramatic Eviction Leads to Final 3

Big Brother player JC Mounduix put an end to Level 6's Final Three plan!He, Kaycee Clark and Tyler [...]

Big Brother player JC Mounduix put an end to Level 6's Final Three plan!

He, Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen will be heading into the last week of season 20 together after Angela Rummans was voted out in a reluctant vote from Kaycee during Thursday's episode of the CBS reality show.

JC, a controversial houseguest, shocked America during the last few moments Wednesday when he won his first challenge ever during a pivotal Head of Household competition, guaranteeing himself a place in the Final Three players of season 20 — and meaning one of the members of the show's most powerful alliances of all time would be shut out.

JC had narrowly avoided being eliminated that same night, when Kaycee and Angela voted out Sam Bledsoe during the last moments of Tyler's HOH.

But on Thursday, he had the power to pit the three Level 6 alliance members against one another, forcing one to choose which of the other two says goodbye to the prize money and heads to the Jury House.

In the end, he decided to put Tyler and Angela on the block. JC has long had issues with Angela, and felt betrayed by Tyler when he helped backdoor Brett Robinson in the Double Eviction last week, so it wasn't a surprise the showmance would be split up with JC in charge.

That left Kaycee to decide which of her best friends in the house would not be accompanying her to the Finale Three. And when she won the night's veto, guaranteeing herself in the Final Three, it meant that it would definitely be one of the two Hilton Headers headed home.

"Both of my best friends are on the block, we have been dreading this moment," Kaycee told them before casting her vote for Angela.

The Final Three will now kick off the mega HOH competition series, which pits the finalists against one another in a three-part battle. The winners of the first two rounds will head to a third round, and the winner of that competition will cast the only vote in the final eviction of the season to decide who will join them in the Final Two.

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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming