Beth Chapman Says Family Safe in Hawaii Amid Volcano Eruption

Volcanic activity is destroying parts of Hawaii, but Beth Chapman wants fans to know her she and her family are safe and sound.

Chapman, who is the wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman, took to Instagram on Saturday to let fans know they were safe. In fact, they were several islands away from the location of the volcano.

"We good guys, it's not on our island," Chapman wrote. "Love to everyone thanks for all the concern .. prayers for Puna."

(Photo: Instagram / @mrsdog4real)

She then followed up that post with a lighter post tied into the volcanic activity, which is still ongoing in the Puna region of the Island of Hawaiʻi.

Chapman showed of a picturesque orange sunset with caption comparing it to the color of the lava.

"Happy Cinco de Mayo from Hawaii," she wrote. "The sky matches the volcano."

(Photo: Instagram / @mrsdog4real)

Chapman has been making headlines over the past year due to her battle with throat cancer. She is now cancer-free, but she wanted to ensure to include fans on her journey to wellness and her ongoing recovery.

"We just share everything with our fans," she recently told Fox News. "And this wasn't something that you could keep secret. It wasn't going to be an easy battle by any means. And so, after doing a lot of research about it, I just felt that being open and honest with our fans, who've been so loyal to us for so many years, was the best thing to do."

She continued, "There are literally hundreds of fans that contact me on a day-to-day basis that say, 'I watch you every day while I'm doing my radiation.' 'I'm watching you every day while I do chemo.' And those words just didn't resonate as they should have, or as they do now. Because you just can't appreciate that fight until you're in it yourself. So I just wanted to basically let them see that they are not alone."

She showed great persistence when it came to fighting the illness, which surely helped her make it through the grueling treatment process.


"You can't let it overtake your brain," she said. "You can't become desperate and alone. You've gotta fight your way through it, maintain a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who are going to help you get through it."