Beth Chapman Looks Better Than Ever After Cancer Scare in New Photo

Beth Chapman looks better than ever just five months after her cancer scare and tumor-removal surgery.

The Dog the Bounty Hunter cast member posted a festive St. Patrick's Day photo of herself on Instagram Saturday for fans. For the rare selfie, Chapman donned what looks to be a black fur coat and hat and instead wore green eye shadow to celebrate the holiday.

(Photo: Instagram / @mrsdog4real)

Fans gushed over Duane "Dog" Chapman's wife, assuring her that she looks healthy and ravishing following her health crisis last year.

"You look awesome! hope you are doing well," one follower wrote. Another added, "You look great. I'm glad you're doing better."

"You are such an amazing, beautiful inspirational woman," one of Chapman's 200,000 Instagram fans wrote.

Others pointed out Chapman's massive choker necklace, which she admittedly wears to cover her surgery scar after developing Stage 2 throat cancer last fall.

"Beth, don't you worry about that scar! It's part of your story and no matter what you are still beautiful!!! Love you!" a fan reassured her.

Chapman also shared a throwback photo earlier in the week of herself in a revealing mesh top and cowboy hat atop her signature platinum locks.

(Photo: Instagram / @mrsdog4real)

The reality TV personality did not tell fans when the photo was taken, but they gushed over her ageless beauty all the same.

Fans of the former A&E show Dog the Bounty Hunter have been rallying for the series' return after the couple starred in Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives in November. The two-hour special followed the family's journey through Beth's cancer diagnosis, surgery and healing, which concluded with the news she was deemed cancer-free.

Their short-lived return to the small screen has reignited loyal fans' passion for the show, and they are begging the network to strike a new, recurring deal with the family previously known for their work in the dangerous bounty hunting business.

A&E continues to air reruns of the family's eight-season run from 2004 to 2012, and according to fans on Twitter, it's the best entertainment the network has to offer.

"I only watch [A&E] when [Dog and Beth Chapman] are on," one follower wrote. "We need a new show."

"C'mon [A&E] are ya getting the hint yet? [Dog and Beth] were much better entertainers than some of the crap you are airing now," another fan begged. "We want some REALNESS back in our lives!"

Though the Chapmans may or may not be interested in returning to reality TV, they have decided to give up the bounty hunting business following Beth's cancer struggle.


With the danger that follows the profession, Beth said it was time for her to step back from the family business. Dog also decided to leave his longtime job so his wife wouldn't worry about his safety when he wasn't home. Instead, they'll spend more time together and Dog will look for another profession.

"I don't know that he's looked for a job in the past 40 years, but we gotta change because we need longevity," Beth told TooFab in November. "We have small children, we have people counting on us. It doesn't mean that our stance on the criminal justice system has changed, it means that we may want to change."