'Bachelorette: Men Tell All': Chris Harrison Teases Tough Time for Luke P. After Hannah Brown Showdown

After Hannah Brown's epic takedown of Luke P., The Bachelorette suitor didn't manage to show a better side of himself during the Men Tell All taping, host Chris Harrison revealed to PEOPLE ahead of Monday's special reunion episode of the ABC dating show. Having been dubbed the "villain" of the season for his aggressive behavior towards the other men, and attempting to gaslight and sex shame Hannah, it was obvious Luke would be taking the hot seat in a one-on-one interview with Harrison. But based on the longtime host's answers, Men Tell All will be another tough showing for the controversial reality personality.

“I gave Luke so many chances tonight to redeem himself, to fix things, to fall on the sword,” Harrison told the outlet. “He never really got there, I don’t think.”

Keeping his cool had Harrison drawing on all his dad skills, he admitted, explaining, “I think being a dad really came into play tonight, it really came in handy. I could have taken Luke to task, I could have cut him down at any time and gotten contentious. But I felt like I was going to get more from him and get more out of him if I kept my cool.”

After a season of fans questioning why Hannah was keeping Luke around so long, the Miss Alabama 2018 finally snapped on her suitor when he attempted to shame her for having sex outside of marriage.

“I have had sex,” she snapped back at him in a moment that quickly went viral. “And Jesus still loves me. And from obviously how you feel, me f—ing in a windmill, you probably want to leave. And my husband would never say what you said to me.”

After the Men Tell All taping, Hannah told PEOPLE it was good to put that relationship totally to bed, and that she had learned a lot about herself during their time together.

“I think it was good to know that it was really the last time that I would have to have interaction with him and be able to say my piece about what I’ve been able to reflect on and what I’ve learned from the relationship that I had with him,” she said.

“Even though it was difficult in the moment and it has been difficult watching it back, there’s definitely a silver lining to the relationship I had with Luke P.,” The Bachelorette lead continued. “I grew a lot from that relationship. I think every time you go through a difficult relationship, you realize more and more about what you will and you won’t have in your next relationship—what you deserve and what you don’t deserve.”

She even hoped that watching their "toxic" relationship play out on screen was helpful to people in similar situations.

“It was a very candid version of that for people to witness and to maybe see some similarities that they might have in their relationship and [ask], ‘Is this something that I’m dealing with and do I need to end this relationship?’ Or, ‘Have I been in a relationship that has hurt me before and has it caused insecurities in me now and what do I need to do to move forward?’” she said. “I am really thankful that I didn’t have to wait until after this season to use my platform. I’m getting to use my platform as the Bachelorette—on my season—to really make change through my experience. So definitely a silver lining. I’m glad if I can help anybody.”


The Bachelorette: Men Tell All airs Monday, July 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC