'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Chooses Jed Wyatt in Greece, but There's a Twist

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown made a decision early on during the ABC reality dating show's season finale, but rumors and betrayal led to a very different ending during the show's live special. Series host Chris Harrison promised fans an unforgettable and "cringeworthy" final episode as Hannah made her decision in Greece between Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt.

Knowing the scandal surrounding Jed's being in a relationship before embarking on the season — and claims he only appeared on the show to promote his music career — fans were rooting for Cameron. During the engagement scenes, viewers watched as Hannah stopped Tyler's emotional proposal to tell him he was not the one she had chosen.

"I thought this was it," Tyler says as he is driven away from the site. "It feels like a million uppercuts."

The sad goodbye left fans brokenhearted as they waited to see Jed propose and give Hannah her "happy ending," before the show's live segment tackled the controversy and whether or not the relationship survived the scandal.

During the proposal, Jed serenaded Hannah with his guitar — hence Harrison's use of the word "cringeworthy" in the beginning of the hour. In her own heartwarming words, Hannah confessed her love and devotion to Jed before she accepted his marriage proposal.

The moment of bliss ended with Hannah giving Jed the final rose and the action heading back to Los Angeles for the live special. Rather than a celebration of love, Harrison previewed "broken promises and broken hearts."

The finale then transitioned to clips from the aftermath of the proposal in Greece as the couple enjoyed as Hannah told the cameras how happy she was in the beginning.

"I thought I was getting this person who is great and sincere and honest and... that's not been the case."

Hannah then revealed that two nights after the proposal Jed admitted his previous relationship and claimed they had broken up before he arrived on the show. After the PEOPLE story on Jed's old relationship showed Hannah the extent of her fiancé's lies, the couple met on camera in Los Angeles to discuss the future of their relationship.

The tense scene showed Hannah confronting Jed about the truth behind his ex. After he showed his true colors when detailing the "not verbal" end of the relationship, Hannah took a moment to compose herself outside of the house.

When she went back the couple discussed the state of their coupling, ending with Hannah removing her ring and saying everything had been tainted with his lies.

Appearing with Harrison live in Los Angeles, Hannah revealed she ended the engagement receiving a massive applause from the audience.

"I know that what I got is not what I ever wanted for a life partner, a love that is not built on a foundation of truth. I've grown so much and I know I deserve more than that," she said.


After reuniting onstage and Hannah forgiving Jed. She said she wished him well in future relationships before admitting their relationship could never be fixed.