'Bachelor in Paradise' Turns Violent as Joe and Leo Fight Over Kendall

Things are heating up on Bachelor in Paradise — and we don't mean in the beach cabanas!

After Leo Dottavio burned his potential romance with Kendall Long in Monday's episode, the stunt actor clashed physically with her current paramour Joe Amabile prior to Tuesday's rose ceremony.

Monday, after Kendall confronted Leo over kissing Chelsea Roy and not telling her following their date, Leo accused her of "faking" her feelings towards him in an angry rant.

"I think you're trying to make excuses for how you feel right now and I think you're trying to hate me," she told him. "You're making me very upset. Stop messing with my head."

In the end, she returned to Grocery Store Joe, but not before taking a quick smooch detour with John Graham she almost immediately regretted.

The two even admitted they were falling for one another, with Joe calling Kendall his "girlfriend" and the two agreeing to put their energy into one another.

But Leo, feeling put off by his failed relationship with Kendall and knowing he had no prospect at getting a rose, decided to stir things up.

"Paradise needs to burn to the ground and start fresh," he told the camera.

Prior to the rose ceremony, he accused Kendall of being "fake," even bringing the other Paradise residents into his insult. While others shouted at him to leave, saying there was no way he was getting a rose after how he acted, Leo threw out the diss teased in every Paradise promo for this season — "Good luck with Grocery Store B— over there!"

Joe, not taking that lying down, shouted, "You wanna say it to my face?" before following him away from the main crowd.

From there, it's tough to see what happened, as Leo threw a drink at Joe, who lunged at his rival, making contact but failing to connect a blow with him in any meaningful way.

The sudden fight clearly shocked the rest of the Paradise cast, who rushed to break things up.

"I should have knocked his f—ing head off," Joe said, walking away from the drama.


Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC